We meet together on Sunday's at 10:30 am. During the current uptake in Omicron cases in Ontario, our services are entirely online until further notice. Dress casually. You can even go to church in your pyjamas when viewing at home. We are a mix of Kids, teenagers, young adults, Xer's, boomers and seniors. You will likely bump into someone like you when we meet in person. 

We meet during the week in small groups in living rooms, kitchens and community halls. A small group is a great place to connect in a deeper way to other people who are figuring out faith together. Our small group leaders are awesome people. They love Jesus and they love people. A great small group to start with is our "Unite 101" group. It's for newcomers just like you, and during Omicron, they meet entirely online over zoom. Let us know that you are interested in being part of Unite 101, by contacting our office at 613 378 2953. Or contact us by email at: myparkwaychurch@gmail.com.

We love on our community. We love connecting with the Loyalist community through free community skates, fun fairs and special events. We are REALLY excited for the Covid 19 pandemic to finish up, so we can get back to these community events. 

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Pastor Dusty's invitation to take part in the UNITE 101 small group.